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Mini Quilt Workshop - Thursday June 15 at 5pm

Mini Quilt Workshop - Thursday June 15 at 5pm

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Our next class is a small project where we learn a huge skill that we can add to our toolbox. This is a basic sewing project with a big payoff. We are offering a bite-sized project that will prepare you to make all manner of quilted projects. What you make in this class can be built upon to create larger quilts with more challenging patterns: a totally cumulative exercise. 

We will be sewing a mini quilt top, a 1-4 block piece that will serve as the front of our mini quilt. We will learn basic piece work, sewing fabrics together to create a quilt top. Basic needle and threadwork will be shown. Layering batting between the quilt top and back, we will create a sandwich (similar to the structure we covered in our oven mitt workshop) that will be stitched together and completed with binding. 

This is an all-level class; children are welcome to participate with their adults. We will have material prepared for whatever level you feel comfortable. And much of the work we will be doing is by hand but there will also be machines nearby if that suits. (This is not a machine learning class, however. You are welcome to use our machines if you already have machine knowledge.) There will be precut fabric and batting in squares and rectangles as well as premade binding to accommodate all learners. 

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